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issue 004


Air, Fashion, and Action: Clearline 004 editors are looking for submissions that consider the textile industry’s tie to carbon emissions. Air—the latest in our series of elemental themes—shifts our focus to one of fashion's most urgent problems: the slow violence enacted by corporate air pollution. Together, we want to create a next installment that is expressive, critical, and actionable, that helps to forge a more just relationship between the air and what we wear. 

The Mediums: Clearline primarily features textile and fashion pieces. However, we welcome submissions created from upcycling, sustainable material sourcing, photography, painting, prose, poetry, journalism, video, etc. If you can find a way to join the conversation, send us your work.


Lavender: We ask artists to include the color lavender in their submission. Soft and heavy, lavender has the emotional range to represent both the beauty of nature and the brutality of environmental degradation. From the riches of deep purple to wispy lilac pollution sunsets, we envision producing a gradient of lavender that represents how each of our contributors is thinking and feeling through 004’s topic.

Submission Deadline: April 18, 2022
Clearline 004 Publication: July 2022

*Note: We're looking for mainly original pieces that have not been featured in other publications. If your work is accepted, our editor will be in touch with possible revisions to your responses to the following prompts. Your full responses might not accompany your piece. By submitting you agree to us including your work as promotion across our social media platforms, in print, and online. 

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