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Fall 2023

Theme: Land: Farm to Fashion

Featured Artists: Celeste Malvar-Stewart, Erica Dolores, Jassmine Parks

005 - print

  • The environmental and textile themes of Issue 005 focus on Land: Farm to Fashion


    Inside the issue: 

    In this issue, you’ll see interviews and artists' direct perspectives and ideas surrounding the brief below - through their work. There’s a collection of sustainable textiles, as well as multimedia art which speaks to these themes as well. 



    Clearline is a sustainable fashion magazine. The last three years we have featured an elemental theme (air, water, fire), and now in issue 005 we are turning to earth. Our magazine is primarily submissions-based, with a few interviews conducted by Clearline editors, and represents many perspectives on how the major theme manifests in textile work, fashion, and environmental art. We print the magazine, have a release party, and donate our earnings to an environmental justice non-profit. Clearline got its name from the idea that there is a clear line between what is right and wrong in the fashion industry. Fast fashion and big  agriculture take a devastating toll on the land and the life that inhabits it. This is why we want to focus on the cycle that takes place from farm to fashion. Who is impacted by this system? Where do our clothes really come from? And where do they end up: in a landfill, or somewhere more hopeful, stitched into something new.

    Some examples of what we’re looking for: Any textile projects, quilts, clothes, sculptures that take a deeper look into the farm to fashion cycle. Anything with upcycling and second-hand materials. Poems, stories, photography, or any other artistic medium, including textile work, that touches on land, plants, or fashion in an abstract sense. We highly encourage loose interpretations of the brief. If you’re not sure, send it in. Importantly: How can you integrate earth tones and colors into your work? Think of those warm tones of cold brown dirt that gather under your fingernails, lush dye gardens with pops of color, rich emerald greenery, and golden cotton fields that may look beautiful, but hold within them harsh histories and violent systems. This color theme is crucial as it pulls together the many important perspectives collected in Clearline. Have you already made something with this color palette? Does it inspire you to make something new? 

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