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The environmental and textile themes of Issue 003 focus on: fire,
burnt orange, and energy. 


Inside the issue: 

In this issue, you’ll see artists direct perspectives and ideas surrounding the brief below - through their work. There’s a collection of sustainable textiles, as well as multimedia art which speaks to these themes as well. 



Wildfires represent a healthy energy, a chance for renewal, an opportunity for growth. Unfortunately, the impacts of human-induced climate change have made wildfires quite unnatural, leading to increases in both the number of fires  and the breadth and intensity by which they burn. Fast fashion and unsustainable textile practices are directly related to the earth’s warming climate. It's time for these industries to take responsibility for their role in the devastation that has been wrought on the lives of those who call these susceptible regions home, as well as the land itself.


In response to these environmental injustices, Clearline Zine asked for submissions that utilize the color theme of burnt orange for our third publication. This color theme unites reflections on forest fires, the relationship between the fashion industry and climate change, and, broadly, meditations on the color of burnt orange — which feelings and energies it might be associated with.


Artists reflected on their energy in 2020 and where they wanted to direct it in 2021. Even the ashes of forest fires create nutrients that return to the soil. Creators in Issue 003 focused on how they would move forward while taking in these themes.

003 - digital

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